BigHandKnight MOD 1.1.7 Menu/Max Attack Speed/Move Speed Multiplier APK

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Version1.1.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/Max Attack Speed/Move Speed Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedFebruary 20, 2024 (2 months ago)
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1. Menu
2. Max Attack Speed
3. Move Speed Multiplier
4. Weak Enemy
5. Exp Multiplier
6. Gold Multiplier

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Introduce about BigHandKnight

BigHandKnight MOD APK (Menu/Max Attack Speed/Move Speed Multiplier) on MODAPKOKI is a mobile game developed and published by KnockOne Games. This game’s full name is “BigHandKnight: Sono Gong.”

In this game, players will be a warrior with big hands (BigHandKnight) on the journey to conquer the tower floors full of difficulties and monsters to win the treasure.

BigHandKnight: Sono Gong game is available on Google Play Store for Android devices. If you want to learn more about this game, you can visit the link you provided to download and try it out.

Fast and strong growth

For the BigHandKnight: Sono Gong game to achieve the fast and robust growth it is today, several factors may have contributed to its success:

Attractive gameplay: The game has simple but requires the player to have the skill and strategic thinking to solve the challenges and defeat the monsters. Attractive bonuses are also one of the factors that attract players.

Continuity of updates: Regular updates are provided to the game, keeping it from being outdated and meeting the increasing demands of players.

Promotion strategy: Publisher KnockOne Games has effective promotion strategies, from using social media channels to organizing promotional events to attract players.

All of the above factors contribute to the fast and robust growth of BigHandKnight: Sono Gong and make it a favorite game in BigHandKnight.

Active skill

Players must use many active skills to defeat the monsters and win. Here are some proactive skills needed in this game:

Resource management: Players must manage their resources, including money and items, to purchase necessary items and upgrade equipment.

In BigHandKnight APK players must have combat skills to defeat the monsters. They must learn to attack and dodge monsters’ attacks to avoid losing blood.

Use equipment: The game offers the player a variety of equipment, including weapons and armor. Players need to know how to use equipment to increase their strength and endurance in battle.

Unique Skills: Players can also use special skills to defeat monsters or increase their power quickly.

Strategy: The game requires players to think strategically to choose and arrange special equipment and skills to suit each tower floor.

All these proactive skills, and the player’s creativity and strategy, will help them achieve better results in the game BigHandKnight: Sono Gong.

Competitive ranking

Players must have some skills and a suitable gaming strategy to achieve a high score in BigHandKnight APK mod. Here are some tips to help players achieve a high score in this game:

Focus on collecting gold and items: Gold and things are essential for upgrading weapons and equipment, strengthening players, and accessing more complex areas. Try to collect as much gold and items as you can.

Upgrade weapons and equipment: Weapons are essential factors that help players defeat monsters and advance to higher tower floors. Players should upgrade their weapons and equipment to increase their power and fight more challenging monsters.

Change strategy as needed: During the game, players should be flexible to change their approach to deal with brutal monsters and experiment with different methods to find the best one.

Use unique skills: In the game, players can use special skills to defeat monsters or increase their strength. Use them effectively to get a higher score.

Participate in events and competitions: In-game events and contests often offer attractive rewards to players with the best results. Join for a chance to win exciting prizes and increase your score.

Fresh equipment

The developer is constantly updating and releasing new equipment so players can experience and upgrade the power of their characters. These items include weapons, costumes, shoes, armor, helmets, and more.

Each new piece of equipment has its characteristics and abilities, helping players increase the strength and combat ability of the character. New items can also have higher levels and more robust attributes than existing items, creating a great variety in playstyle and strategy.

Players can buy the new equipment with in-game gold or diamond, which can be obtained through completing quests, participating in events, or redeeming rewards.

New equipment in BigHandKnight APK 1.1.7 gives players more choices and opportunities to enhance their character’s strength while improving the aesthetics and variety of the game.

Overview of the game BigHandKnight: Sono Gong

In the overview, the game BigHandKnight: Sono Gong offers players exciting and challenging experiences with a rich and varied gameplay system. The growth rate of this game is speedy, with a large community of players and fierce competition. Players can use active skills and new equipment to strengthen their characters and get high scores in the game. If you are an action game lover and want to try new challenges, try playing BigHandKnight MOD APK (Menu/Max Attack Speed/Move Speed Multiplier) on

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