Archiland MOD 1.1.0 Unlimited Money APK

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Version1.1.0 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Archiland

Archiland MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is a game from Tanktes, a construction and city management game developed for mobile platforms. In Archiland, players will be architects and manage a small country from construction, economic development, and population care.

With simple gameplay and a friendly interface, Archiland allows players to create a city according to their wishes. Players can build structures such as houses, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, parks, etc. By intelligently arranging buildings, players can enhance the development and progress of the city.

During the game, players must manage resources, including money, building materials, and energy. Players can gather these resources by building mining and trading facilities. Economic growth will help players increase their income and upgrade existing buildings or build new ones.

In addition, Archiland also has a social element; players can make friends and visit each other’s cities. They can exchange resources, participate in community activities, and build alliances to achieve common goals.

Archiland offers players a unique and exciting city-building experience with engaging gameplay. This game combines strategy, construction, and management elements, providing an exciting environment for players to unleash creativity and exploration.

Expedition journey

In addition to building and managing the city, players can participate in an expedition to explore the outside world and collect valuable resources.

The adventure in Archiland allows players to send their characters out of the city to explore new lands, wild forests, vast grasslands, or mysterious caves. Along the way, players may encounter challenges and extreme weather conditions.

Players can find valuable resources such as wood, stones, diamonds, or rare treasures. These resources can then be used to upgrade and build the city, providing benefits and utilities to the inhabitants.

In addition to finding resources, players can interact with other adventure characters and perform side quests. These missions can involve rescuing trapped characters, uncovering the mysteries of the game world, or even fighting dangerous monsters.

The journey of exploration not only brings valuable rewards to players and opens the door to explore and expand the world of Archil. It is an integral part of city building and development and gives players the challenge and excitement of exploring new lands.

Skill upgrade

In Archiland Mod, players can upgrade their character’s skills to improve their ability to build, explore, and manage cities. The game has three main types of skills: Construction Skills, Exploration Skills, and Management Skills.

Construction Skill: This skill focuses on upgrading and building buildings in the city. Players can upgrade their construction skills to reduce construction time, increase building efficiency, and unlock new options. This skill helps players create beautiful and practical buildings for their city.

Exploration Skill: This skill involves exploring the world outside the city. Players can upgrade their exploration skills to increase their ability to find resources, reduce travel time on the map, and unlock new exploration areas. This skill helps players explore new lands, find valuable resources and face different challenges.

Management Skills: This skill is related to the ability to manage and develop the city. Players can upgrade management skills to increase income, improve population happiness and satisfaction, and unlock new management functions. This skill helps the player optimize economic activity, improve the living environment and meet the population’s needs.

Players can earn skill points by completing quests, exploring the game world, or through city development to upgrade their skills. Skill points can then be used to upgrade specific skills according to the player’s desires and strategy.

Defeat the boss

Players also have the opportunity to participate in battles with bosses, the most powerful and dangerous enemies in the game world. Boss killing is an integral part of player progression and challenge in the game.

Bosses are giant monsters whose strength surpasses that of ordinary enemies. They often have unique skills and powerful equipment, requiring players to have the right tactics.

Before confronting a boss, players need to prepare well by upgrading their characters, collecting and training equipment, and learning about the boss’s weaknesses. They will then engage in intense combat and must use their tactics, skills, and wisdom to destroy the boss.

Players who defeat the boss will receive valuable rewards, including rare items, valuable resources, and experience points. At the same time, defeating the boss also opens up the opportunity to go further in the journey and explore the game world.

Killing the boss is a good challenge to test the player’s fighting ability and brings new excitement and challenge. It is an essential part of progress and development in Archiland MOD APK (Unlimited Money) and helps players feel the chaos and power of the game world.

15 levels

In Archiland mod (Unlimited Money) 1.1.0, the game has 15 levels, each corresponding to a different level of development and challenge. Here is a brief description of each level in the game:

Levels 1-5: The first level focuses on instructing the player on essential city building and management. Players will build small structures, collect essential resources and build an economic base.

Level 6-10: The player must expand the city and develop the industry. More significant buildings, such as factories and malls, will be unlocked. More complex tasks and economic factors need to be managed carefully.

Level 11-15: This is the highest level in the game, where players face the most complex development challenges and requirements. Players will have to build unique structures, such as amusement parks or research centers, to enhance the happiness and development of the population. Powerful bosses will appear, requiring players to have solid tactics and equipment to destroy.

Each level in Archiland offers challenges and goals and allows players to explore and develop their city. Completing missions and progressing through levels is an integral part of the gameplay experience and helps players see progress and success in managing their city.

Secrets hidden in ancient ruins

In Archiland APK, ancient ruins are remarkable and mysterious places containing hidden secrets. As players explore and explore these monuments, they may uncover surprises and value. Here are some examples of the secrets hidden in ancient ruins:

Ancient Texts: Players can find ancient, esoteric, and missing texts in ancient ruins. Reading and deciphering these texts can provide information about the gaming world’s history, culture, and secrets. It can also direct the player to new lands or valuable resources.

Treasures and treasures: Ancient monuments often contain precious treasures and treasures. Players may have to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to reach and collect these items. Treasures and treasures can be rare items, powerful equipment, or essential resources for city development.

Underground systems: Ancient monuments can have complex and assembled underground systems. Players must explore and learn how to manipulate mechanics and mechanisms to delve into secret rooms, get rewards, and uncover unique secrets.

Stories and Legends: Ancient monuments often tell stories and legends about the game world. Players can learn about fascinating stories, legendary characters, and important events in the past. This helps build and enrich Archiland’s history and plot.

Exploring ancient ruins in Archiland brings joy and excitement to players and opens the opportunity to learn more about the game world.

Uncover the mysterious secrets of ancient ruins

The discovery of ancient relics always brings exciting and unexpected experiences to players. The secrets hidden in these monuments are the fascinating highlight of the game and the opportunity for players to dig deeper into the game world and its history. With ancient texts, precious treasures, and intricate underground systems, players will feel the enchantment of the secrets and legends that Archiland has to offer. So start your journey, explore ancient ruins, and reveal mysterious secrets in Archiland APK mod (Unlimited Money).

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