aPlayer MOD 2.1.7 Premium Subscription Unlocked APK

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PublisherAlpha Studio Team
Version2.1.7 (Latest)
CategoryVideo Editor
MOD FeaturesPremium Subscription Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about aPlayer

aPlayer MOD APK is your mobile device’s leading music and video player! With aPlayer, you will experience a powerful and convenient tool to enjoy your favourite entertainment content anytime, anywhere. With a refined user interface and diverse features, aPlayer will be a reliable companion on your entertainment journey. From playing popular music tracks to watching high-resolution videos, managing your media library, to creating personalized playlists, aPlayer gives you the perfect entertainment experience and customizes it to your taste. Your own. Let’s explore aPlayer and immerse ourselves in the world of unlimited entertainment right now!

Play HD videos

Excellent video format support: MPlayer supports playing videos with high quality and HD resolution, giving you sharp images, bright colours and precise details. Whether you are watching comedy, movies, music, or video clips, aPlayer reproduces images realistically and vividly.

Customize video quality: aPlayer allows you to customize video quality based on your network connection needs and speed. You can choose from quality options like HD, SD, or auto to have aPlayer automatically adjust the quality to the current network connection conditions.

User-friendly interface: aPlayer is designed with an intuitive and friendly user interface, making it easy to control and enjoy HD videos comfortably. You can adjust the volume, fast forward, slow down, switch views and more with just a few touches.

Offline viewing feature: aPlayer provides a video download feature, allowing you to store and watch HD videos anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. You can download your favourite movies, music videos or videos to experience without being dependent on the network.

Subtitle integration: If you want to watch videos with subtitles, aPlayer supports integrating subtitle files into the video. You can download subtitles from an external source or automatically search and download them from aPlayer’s online subtitle database.

Supports all formats

Audio formats: aPlayer APK can play back popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and many more. You can enjoy your favourite music with excellent sound quality and sound customizations such as volume up and down, equalizer, and various sound effects.

Video formats: aPlayer supports playing popular video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, and many more. You can watch movies, video clips, music videos and other video content with sharp picture quality and vivid colours on your mobile device.

Image formats: aPlayer MOD APK lets you view images with popular formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. You can browse your photo albums, view beautiful images and share them with friends and family.

Subtitle formats: aPlayer supports various subtitle formats such as SRT, SUB, ASS, SSA and many more. You can download subtitle files corresponding to your video or automatically search and download from aPlayer’s online subtitle database to enjoy videos with high-quality subtitles.

File transfer

Transfer files over a Wi-Fi connection: aPlayer APK mod allows you to transfer files from a computer or other device on the same Wi-Fi network. Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network and use your computer’s web browser to transfer audio, video and image files to aPlayer. This makes it easy to transfer music, movies, and other files from your computer to your mobile device without cables.

File transfer via USB cable connection: In addition to Wi-Fi transfer, aPlayer supports file transfer via USB cable connection. You can connect your mobile device to your computer with a USB cable and quickly transfer files to aPlayer. This is especially useful when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or want to transfer large files faster.

Convenient file management: aPlayer provides a simple and easy-to-use file management interface. You can conveniently view the list of transferred files, create folders, copy, move or delete files at your convenience. This helps you organize your files and access them easily from aPlayer.

Compatible with many file formats: aPlayer supports transferring and playing popular audio, video and image formats such as MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI, MKV, JPEG, PNG, and many more. This allows you to stream and playback all your favourite content from aPlayer without any format restrictions.

Night mode, colour personalization

Night mode: aPlayer offers a night mode to minimize light and colour glare on the screen when you use the application at night or in dimly lit environments. Night mode optimizes the look using dark colours and limited backlighting, reducing eye strain and providing a more comfortable video and music viewing experience in low light.

Personalize colours: aPlayer allows you to customize the interface colours to your preferences. You can change the colour theme from light to dark or choose different colour options. This allows you to personalize aPlayer to your style and create a unique and enjoyable user experience.

Dimmable: aPlayer can adjust the screen’s brightness to match your ambient lighting conditions and personal preferences. You can increase or decrease the screen brightness for the best video and music viewing experience.

Automatic switching mode: aPlayer APK 2.1.7 provides automatic switching between night and day modes based on the time of day. This allows aPlayer to adapt to natural light conditions and automatically change the look and feel of colours to optimize the user experience.

Explore the wonderful world of entertainment with aPlayer

With aPlayer MOD APK, not only is it easier than ever to listen to music and watch videos, but you can also customize your entertainment experience in your way. With a friendly interface and various features, aPlayer is the perfect companion for all your entertainment needs. Download aPlayer MOD APK (Premium Subscription Unlocked) on MODAPKOKI now and start exploring an endless world of music and video on your mobile phone.

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