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Animal Camp MOD 1.13 Unlimited Money APK

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NameAnimal Camp
Version1.13 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Animal Camp

Animal Camp MOD APK (Unlimited Money), you will be immersed in a beautiful forest with various vivid animals. From adorable pandas, majestic giraffes, and diverse birds to captivating wildlife such as lions, tigers, and leopards, all are ready for you to explore and create a unique environment that is an ideal habitat for them.

Become the owner of a resort

With various construction and decoration options, you can build large enclosures, colorful flower gardens, play areas, and other animal living areas. Improve the habitat and ensure each animal has a comfortable and safe living space.

Besides management and construction, you will also be involved in exciting activities. Chat and interact with the animals, visit unique areas of the resort, and participate in activities such as wildlife photo shoots and discussions with animal experts.

Through the management of the resort, you will feel the joy and happiness of seeing the animals thrive and live happily in the environment you have created. Become the owner of this beautiful resort and explore a diverse and magical world of animals in Animal Camp.

Grow crops and cook food

Start by choosing suitable crops for the resort’s environment and begin growing. Monitor and care for plants, water, fertilize and treat pests to ensure they grow and give the best harvest.

Once harvested, you can use the fresh ingredients to cook delicious dishes for the animals and visitors. From simple words such as vegetable salads to complex main courses such as grilled meats and pasta, your creativity and culinary skills will be shown through delicious and attractive dishes.

Animal Camp Mod let you thoroughly experience the farming and cooking process. You can choose from hundreds of culinary recipes and have the freedom to create unique and memorable dishes.

Collect many animals

During the game, you will have to hunt and collect animals from all over the world. Travel across lands, from jungles and arid deserts to deep seas, searching for unique animals. You can use the right tools and equipment to capture and collect them safely.

Once collected, your next task is to care for and nurture these animals. Build appropriate cages and living areas, provide them with food and water, and ensure a comfortable and safe environment.

Each animal in Animal Camp MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI has its own needs and personality. It would be best to learn about each species, meet their requirements, and built close relationships. Observe and interact with them to better understand how they act and how to best care for them.

Fishing and campfire

Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity when you can indulge yourself in sitting by the banks of a pond, river, or lake to fish. Use your engine and skill to choose the right bait and throw the net into the water. You will need patience and skill to wait until the fish bites the trick, then show your technique in pulling the fish out of the water. Enjoy the fun of catching colorful fish and celebrate the memorable moments of successful fishing.

Campfire is another exciting activity in Animal Camp APK. You can build and light a warm fire, creating a friendly and cozy space for you and the animals. Sitting by the fire, you can chat, sing and share exciting stories. Campfires are also an opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals, as they can get up close and personal with the space around the campfire.

Discover the diverse lives of the animal world at Animal Camp

Get ready for a memorable adventure at Animal Camp MOD APK, where you will become the companion of the most amazing animals on the planet. With interaction, care, and exploration, you will feel the closeness and magic of the animal world. Build your camp, create an excellent habitat for the animals, and enjoy every memorable moment in life at Animal Camp. Start your journey now and discover the excitement and diversity of this wondrous land in Animal Camp APK mod (Unlimited Money)!

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