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Adventure Miner MOD 1.12.7 Menu, One Shot Materials APK

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NameAdventure Miner
PublisherYso Corp
Version1.12.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, One Shot Materials
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedOctober 11, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Adventure Miner

In mystical locations and deep caves, a fantastic adventure awaits you. Welcome to the world of Adventure Miner Mod (Menu, One Shot Materials) MOD APK – a game full of adventure and discovery, where you will play the role of a talented miner, ready to mine and discover hidden treasures in the earth. With exciting challenges, diverse environments, and unique discoveries, prepare to step into your journey and become a top resource mining warrior. Ready to conquer dangerous roads and exploit precious resources? Get ready; the journey awaits you in the Adventure Miner game!

Ore mining

Before you start mining in Adventure Miner, you will be equipped with the necessary tools, such as a chisel, hammer, and storage bag to store ore. Entering caves and rock mazes, you will search for layers of soil containing ores and mine them by chiseling and breaking rocks.

Each type of ore has different values and uses. For example, iron ore can be used to make tools and weapons, while gold ore has a high value and can be used to create jewelry and valuable items. Diamond ore is a rare ore used to create unique and consequential items. However, mining ore is not easy. Caves and labyrinths are fraught with challenges, such as collapsing caves, deep puddles, and dangerous enemies. It would be best if you had the skill and concentration to avoid dangers and protect yourself during mining. When you collect ores, you can transport them to your base and use them to produce, shop, and upgrade equipment. You can also sell ore for profit and expand your mining capabilities.

Sell more

In the ore market, you will meet merchants and ore buyers. Each character has its characteristics, requirements, and different ore prices. You must skillfully identify high-priced ore buyers and find ways to optimize profits. Many factors determine the value of the ore, including the type of ore, quantity, and mining efficiency. Rare ores, such as diamond or gold, will have a higher value than common ore, such as iron ore. In addition, large quantities of ore can also increase in value and attract more buyers with great demand. In selling ore, you need to look carefully to achieve maximum profit. Maybe you want to wait until the price of ore is high before selling or find a way to create special deals to attract more buyers. At the same time, it should be noted that the market can also change over time, so you must monitor the volatility and change your ore selling strategy in Adventure Miner APK.


Many types of storage are available in the game, from small ones like bags to big ones like ore vaults. Each type of storage has a different capacity and use, allowing you to store and arrange ores and items optimally. When collecting ores and items, you can arrange them in storage in different ways. You can sort by ore types, such as iron, gold, or diamond. Or you can sort by importance, placing rare ores in readily accessible and visible locations. You can also arrange other items, such as miners, protective equipment, or unique items, the way you want. This helps you find and use them easily and quickly in mining. Intelligent and logical arrangement in storage saves you time and energy when searching and using ores and items. It also helps you stay organized and organized during gameplay and optimizes resource storage and development in Adventure Miner APK mod.

Rewards and offers

One of the essential rewards is rare ores and resources. As you mine and complete quests, you will receive diverse ore blocks and valuable resources such as gold, silver, diamonds, and many more. These resources are significant to upgrade the miner, expand the inventory, and strengthen the character.

Offers unique items and powerful tools to help you explore and mine more efficiently. It can be high-end miners, protective armor, or special items that can increase mining speed, and performance, or simply provide unique benefits.

Adventure Miner APK 1.12.7 also has a reward system for experience and levels. You will receive experience points to increase the character’s level as you complete the objectives and quests. Each new level unlocks new abilities and gadgets, helping you become stronger and face more formidable challenges in your adventure.

Explore the endless land and find hidden treasures in Adventure Miner

In the adventurous journey of the Adventure Miner game, you have become a talented miner, exploring dark cave labyrinths and mining priceless treasures. With each step, you have faced tough challenges, ferocious creatures, and strange amounts of resources. But with courage and intelligence, you overcame all difficulties and gathered valuable resources. Adventure Miner MOD APK takes you on an exciting adventure and allows you to enjoy the game. You also have the opportunity to upgrade your skills and equipment, become a top miner, and explore newer regions. Start your journey in the Adventure Miner game, beat the challenges, and become a true resource-mining warrior. Discover hidden treasures and show your talent in mining and resource management. Get ready for exciting adventures and find countless treasures in the mysterious world of Adventure Miner MOD APK.

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